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  1. zAerxn

    Denied OP Factions Rights to see evidence

    Username: zAerxn Suggestion: Rights to see evidence Detailed description: Currently factions staff do not provide any evidence on why they were striked for which makes no sense as it contains no staff data and most of the reports are made by the players as staff is "very busy". I am...
  2. zAerxn

    OP Prison Reworking/Removing pvp pet

    Username: zAerxn Suggestion: Reworking/Removing pvp pet Detailed description: Pets are indeed a great addition to the game but the current pets are extremely broken especially the pvp pet which can ONE SHOT any player even if the player is wearing the best set of armor available (elf) {...
  3. zAerxn

    OP Factions Better Outpost

    Username: zAerxn Suggestion: Better Outpost Detailed description: Outposts are very important in OP-Factions as they give exp boost and money which is essential to every faction that is playing competition. But there are a lot of bugs when it comes to outposts. Therefore they should get a...
  4. zAerxn

    Accepted OP Factions Making Axe Skill easier to grind

    Username: zAerxn Suggestion: Making Axe Skill easier to grind Detailed description: OP-Factions just had some huge pvp changes which the community likes a lot. Although there is still one problem and that is the amount of time it takes to max out axe skill level. People can level up max...
  5. zAerxn

    Accepted OP Factions PvP improvements

    Username: zAerxn Suggestion: PvP improvements Detailed description: Hi my ign is zAerxn and I have been playing OP-Factions for over 7 seasons. Recently for like 2 seasons I have seen that pvp has died out a lot due to the new update which featured addition of skills. Although most people...
  6. zAerxn

    Accepted OP Factions Bringing back old soccer

    Username: zAerxn Suggestion: Bringing back old soccer Detailed description: Bringing back the old soccer [/warp pvp] the old soccer was way way better then the current pvp arena which is extremely big and its super inactive while the other soccer was always active. Reason(s): • pvp...
  7. zAerxn

    Denied OP Factions Making shield 18 hours instead of 16 hours

    Username: zAerxn Suggestion: Making shield 18 hours instead of 16 hours Detailed description: Back in the days when OP-Factions used to be 45 man's it used to make sense to have 12 hrs shield since raiding was way easier with a lot of people but nowadays almost every faction server has either...
  8. zAerxn

    Denied Global Adding restrictions

    Minecraft Username: Equation_ Suggestion: Adding restrictions Detailed description: Unbans are a very important thing. Not everyone gets banned for cheating. Many people get banned for things like promoting suicide / dox threat / death threat any many many more reason. and many people do...