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  1. Wajeeh2

    Do someone got the Idea when the new season of KITPVP will be out?

    [as the above stated title reads]
  2. Wajeeh2

    Denied Kit-PvP Suggestion: Some Major Suggestions & A Bug [Kit-PvP]

    Suggestion: Some Major Suggestions & A Bug [Kit-PvP] Detailed description: I am Very Old Player of Pika-Network , My IGN is surab , I Should Suggest some Suggestions for The Betterment Of Pika-Network. 1: The God Crate is too OP, There are many Players Which Got Their Ultimate and Legend...
  3. Wajeeh2

    Can This Type of Mod Is Allowed For Pika?

    YesterDay i FoundA New Mode That Gives all Info about pvp and tells us howmany hits for remains and blah blah blah! Staff Can u tell me this is Allowed or not http://www.mediafire.com/file/q3zdlbd4gv99yq8/STAN-Info%20Mod%201.8.rar
  4. Wajeeh2

    Lost My all Stuff

    I am playing after 2 Days after KITPVP is back online but i SAW that my all stuff is lost but i have some kits which i Losted before 7days But i Think how they r recovered and my new kits from my enderchest are gone :(
  5. Wajeeh2

    KitPVP Dead?

    Is KitPvp is dead for a day?
  6. Wajeeh2

    Thing that make Skyblock "Worst" server ever!

    Hi all, Today, I am sharing my feelings about skyblock with you.I am a old Player of Pika and unable to online for last year (since March2017) .So I online now saw that cobblestone generator not only generates Cobble but also generates many other ores. It doesnot let me to get...
  7. Wajeeh2

    CSB Info?

  8. Wajeeh2

    Playing on

  9. Wajeeh2

    [Kit-PVP] Suggestion ( Anvils )

    Server Kit-PVP Suggestion Add More Anvils Reason Anvils are going to end there are only 6-7 Anvils Left. Example ----------------------------- No Example---------------------------------