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    Update OpFactions - Reset | September The 30th 2022

    another season another bug, another season another dupe, lets hope no one finds a dupe this time ;p
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    OP Factions eotw / end of the world signs

    Username: Ninja_Pvper Suggestion: eotw / end of the world signs Detailed description: Add Godly set in sign Add Mask in sign make it so if you click punch5 bow you get arrow as well Add punch3 bow in sign Add knockback 3 in sign Add Whale pet / Rhino pet / Spider pet in sign Reason(s)...
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    OP Factions ??? Mask

    not rly ppl use 10 sets and still never die even if u got mask on cuz of skills
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    OP Factions ??? Mask

    Username: Ninja_Pvper Suggestion: ??? Mask Detailed description: There are a lot of mask in faction with unique ability in each mask. So add a ??? Mask where you can put all of mask and you get < Diamond Warden Head > <just a name> once you put every single mask in it you will get a unique...
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    OP Factions Infinite Tnt chest

    Username: Ninja_Pvper Suggestion: Infinite Tnt chest Detailed description: Like you have added infinite mob chest and it doesn't pick up tnt So add infinite tnt chest that you can upgrade capacity just like infinite mob chest But beside adding sell button add button like all of tnt goes...
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    OP Factions Black Market / BM

    Username: Ninja_Pvper Suggestion: Black Market / BM Detailed description: Black Market / BM : [1] Add Tnt Wand <50 stock every 12hour, Uses : 500+> cost 50 soul each [2] Add Koth Starter <10 stock every 12 hour> cost 500 soul...
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    Gkits* stupid autocorrect

    Gkits* stupid autocorrect
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    No dollar only grits for brain cells

    No dollar only grits for brain cells
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    i wish i could ping u aw man first payout is gonna be here soon i cant even get top 3 cuz i my...

    i wish i could ping u aw man first payout is gonna be here soon i cant even get top 3 cuz i my faction value wont go up I AM SAD
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    zMqrcc i waited 2 day and not a single value is gone up in my faction!

    zMqrcc i waited 2 day and not a single value is gone up in my faction!
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    Update OpPrison - Reset | September The 3rd 2022

    Awman i am late i was gonna add like 3 suggestion today
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    I had been ratted

    /f log if u can find any proof
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    he flying and pvping me his nick __iSlayer__

    +1 u can see hole above also if u fly for even 3sec u are getting kick
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    When is The Reset for Opprison?

    in 1-2 week hopefully . . . . . . . . . .
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    Denied OP Factions Rights to see evidence

    +1 we need this in game.
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    Denied OP Prison Fishing

    Username: Ninja_Pvper Suggestion: Fishing Detailed description: A secret Fishing Setup From fishing you can get a lot of op stuff so if you guys can make a secret fishing armour You can get this armour set by fishing its very low chance to get What it does? After you get a whole set...
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    Accepted OP Prison A few suggestions for OpPrison

    Huge +1 for Prestige key We have rankup key but it suck from start. +1 for Custom Tag as well cuz everyone will have same tag so boring better to make your own custom tag
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    Denied Minigames Tntwar

    No its not about faction its about how fast you can create a cannon that doesn't use sand or and you have to and its minigame even if u create a base it won't last long after 30min 1 player will leave cuz other person build a base and map reset like bedwar/skywar
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    Denied Minigames Tntwar

    Nah it won't people will learn how to make tnt cannon fast. It is a lot fun once you know how to make tnt cannon fast