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  1. Wajeeh2

    why do i get accused of hax

    WOW . . . . .
  2. Wajeeh2

    Vouch for this Man. Highly Co-operative :) My G

    Vouch for this Man. Highly Co-operative :) My G
  3. Wajeeh2

    What Would You Do If You Got Owner Rank In Pikanetwork?

    Ye, that was days full of excitement while spamming /give and /ban commands
  4. Wajeeh2

    Welcome back, dude! perform well

    Welcome back, dude! perform well
  5. Wajeeh2

    Kitpvp team slot

    sem thing happened to me yesterday!
  6. Wajeeh2

    Searching for a Team Player (not the toxic ones)

    do ingame : /fr add Pakistani_eBoy
  7. Wajeeh2


    cant you trace the logs back to the player?
  8. Wajeeh2

    Big Fan of Your Skills <3

    Big Fan of Your Skills <3
  9. Wajeeh2

    Summer Gkit Value

    Whats ur IGN, never saw u ingame
  10. Wajeeh2

    Looking for * Ultimate Rank Voucher Perm*

    You are already an Ultimate Do you need it for your Pal? Creepersedge
  11. Wajeeh2

    False banned as alw :D see ya guys in 90 days

    sadly there is no more unban on buycraft! miss those og times
  12. Wajeeh2

    Update Summer Seasonal Update | June The 21st 2022

    Looking very cool, we also want a new map & season for kitPVP , periodt.
  13. Wajeeh2

    Fix Pika kit pvp lag

    Yeah! its really the tps issues there
  14. Wajeeh2

    Do someone got the Idea when the new season of KITPVP will be out?

    [as the above stated title reads]
  15. Wajeeh2

    How NOT to get scammed in Kit-Pvp

    I do remember the old era of kit-pvp around 2016 when there are INV potions and some trade centers, you simply just drink the pots and get into trade centers secretly when 2 players comes to trade you just pickup the items and run :) Good Old times
  16. Wajeeh2


  17. Wajeeh2

    Rank upgrades from crates!

    What if I Was Legend Ranked and God Rank Can Comes out of Crate?
  18. Wajeeh2

    Denied Kit-PvP Suggestion: Some Major Suggestions & A Bug [Kit-PvP]

    Also There is No Unique Chest! Whereas There is Unique Key In The Voting Crate, Many Players Are Complaining About This!
  19. Wajeeh2

    Denied Kit-PvP Suggestion: Some Major Suggestions & A Bug [Kit-PvP]

    Suggestion: Some Major Suggestions & A Bug [Kit-PvP] Detailed description: I am Very Old Player of Pika-Network , My IGN is surab , I Should Suggest some Suggestions for The Betterment Of Pika-Network. 1: The God Crate is too OP, There are many Players Which Got Their Ultimate and Legend...
  20. Wajeeh2

    Can This Type of Mod Is Allowed For Pika?

    YesterDay i FoundA New Mode That Gives all Info about pvp and tells us howmany hits for remains and blah blah blah! Staff Can u tell me this is Allowed or not http://www.mediafire.com/file/q3zdlbd4gv99yq8/STAN-Info%20Mod%201.8.rar