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    OP Factions eotw / end of the world signs

    Username: Ninja_Pvper Suggestion: eotw / end of the world signs Detailed description: Add Godly set in sign Add Mask in sign make it so if you click punch5 bow you get arrow as well Add punch3 bow in sign Add knockback 3 in sign Add Whale pet / Rhino pet / Spider pet in sign Reason(s)...
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    OP Factions ??? Mask

    Username: Ninja_Pvper Suggestion: ??? Mask Detailed description: There are a lot of mask in faction with unique ability in each mask. So add a ??? Mask where you can put all of mask and you get < Diamond Warden Head > <just a name> once you put every single mask in it you will get a unique...
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    OP Factions Infinite Tnt chest

    Username: Ninja_Pvper Suggestion: Infinite Tnt chest Detailed description: Like you have added infinite mob chest and it doesn't pick up tnt So add infinite tnt chest that you can upgrade capacity just like infinite mob chest But beside adding sell button add button like all of tnt goes...
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    OP Factions Black Market / BM

    Username: Ninja_Pvper Suggestion: Black Market / BM Detailed description: Black Market / BM : [1] Add Tnt Wand <50 stock every 12hour, Uses : 500+> cost 50 soul each [2] Add Koth Starter <10 stock every 12 hour> cost 500 soul...
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    Denied OP Prison Fishing

    Username: Ninja_Pvper Suggestion: Fishing Detailed description: A secret Fishing Setup From fishing you can get a lot of op stuff so if you guys can make a secret fishing armour You can get this armour set by fishing its very low chance to get What it does? After you get a whole set...
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    Denied Minigames Tntwar

    Username: Ninja_Pvper Suggestion: Tntwar Detailed description: Add this new game mode Tnt war. You will have 5min grace period. You have to make tnt cannon to destroy wall then eliminate your opponent. You can't bridge to your opponent base. There will be a chest in your inventory hotbar...
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    Accepted OP Prison Rename

    Username: Ninja_Pvper Suggestion: Rename Detailed description: Add so Hitman/Captain/Boss can /rename like op faction Reason(s): Some of rename doesn't work in op prison i think /rename can fix it even if it can't at least hitman+ can have infinite /rename
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    Intro cuz why not

    Hi My ign is Ninja_Pvper You will see me mostly online in Op Prison I am decent in pvp i can do W tap S tap Good combos But if an hacker comes in pvp i become very toxic that is why my nick is ToxicForLife in Op Prison
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    Selling perm criminal rank in op prison for gkit voucher :> i need gkit!
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    Denied OP Prison Drug milestone

    Username: IGN : NInja_Pvper Discord : Ninja_Pvper#0779 Suggestion: Drug milestone Detailed description: Remove Drug milestone Cuz Reason(s): No one does that milestone and 100k weed will take forever to do
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    Denied Discord New DJ bot till Rythm come

    Minecraft username: Ninja_Pvper Suggestion: New DJ bot till Rythm come Detailed description: you should add new dj bot Ex= Pancake,MEE6 etc Reason(s): So we can listen song ofc
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    Denied OP Prison Crates

    Minecraft Username: Ninja_Pvper Suggestion: Crates Detailed description: Make rankup crate better Reason(s): if you dont know rankup crate is worst then token crate and rankup crate keys is harder to get then token crate keys thats why you should make rankup crate better add good stuff...
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    Denied BedWars Gold and iron

    Minecraft Username: Ninja_Pvper Suggestion: Gold and iron Detailed description: Make gold generator fast and also make iron generator fast Reason(s): cuz player would do is get only 32 blocks from 8 iron and rush and brake bed you don't have time to protect or get good gear to fight...
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    Denied Practice Brige

    Minecraft Username: CaptainNinja Suggestion: Brige Detailed description: You should add a beige game in practice so we can practice it and yeah add it in party games too Reason(s): So we can quick learn how to god brige
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    Denied OP Prison Farmer miner

    Minecraft Username: BadAssassin2952 Suggestion: Farmer miner Detailed description: Add farmer miner for 100k token we will place him in cell and it will farm crops and place seeds after farm crop it will automatic go in chest Reason(s):
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    Denied OP Prison Miner pickaxe

    Minecraft Username: BadAssassin2952 Suggestion: Miner pickaxe Detailed description: Add another option to miner that if we want we can give him our pickaxeand take it back whenever we want Reason(s):
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    Denied OP Prison Scroll/enchant remover

    Minecraft Username: BadAssassin2952 Suggestion: Scroll/enchant remover Detailed description: i would like you guys to add a scroll that can remove enchant and scroll Reason(s): cuz so many new player dont knoe which is good encahnt and they put useless encahnt for new player so from...
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    Accepted OP Prison Private mine reset

    Minecraft Username: BadAssassin2952 Suggestion: Private mine reset Detailed description: My suggest is for Private mine that if owner is offline still admin/mod of pm can reset pm Reason(s): Because some of private mine owner are not so much online So if thier is admin/mod of pm they...
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    Denied Discord Discord Giveaway

    Minecraft Username: BadAssassin2952 Suggestion: Discord Giveaway Detailed description: This suggest is for discord giveaway make 1 giveaway cahnnel and add giveaway bot when everr it is special day like happy new year day or christmas day etc u can have giveaway like 20 euro giveaway or...
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    Denied Discord You guz should make some more chatting area like {Selling,finding gang team,rank selling etc}

    Minecraft Username: BadAssassin Suggestion: You guz should make some more chatting area like {Selling,finding gang team,rank selling etc} Detailed description: Why you guz should make more channel in discord is because its hard to find who is selling those item we need so with the help of...