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  1. Lt_PickaxeMan

    Denied BedWars Clicking method kill message.

    Username: draggtape Suggestion: Clicking method kill message. Detailed description: This is the kill message of clicking methods. Reason(s): It would be funny and fun ig. Example(s): <player> got 20cps'ed by <player> <player> got normal clicked by <player> <player> got dragclicked by...
  2. Lt_PickaxeMan

    Denied Minigames Minigames commands improvement.

    Username: draggtape Suggestion: Minigames commands improvement. Detailed description: Hey, Today I wanted to talk about the minigames command improvement Here are some examples /chat p (This will toggle the chat to party chat.) /p chat <message> (with this command you can send message...
  3. Lt_PickaxeMan

    Rate pika 0-10

    I rate pika network 8/10 How much do you rate it? :yaychu: