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  1. Awrixel_

    Denied Factions Add store back

    Username: Awrixel Suggestion: Add store back Detailed description: Simply I just suggesting to add store back to this gamemode. Reason(s): Reasons: - some players are still playing - they want to buy something Example(s): So we will be allowed to do /buy and buy gold,ranks,etc
  2. Awrixel_

    Denied Discord Make donator role only for donators

    Username: Awrixel Suggestion: Make donator role only for donators Detailed description: So we're talking about donator role in discord server. You can get this role even when you win a rank from crate in-game. It shouldn't be like that.. My suggestion is : - Only players who really...
  3. Awrixel_

    Denied Store Something for donators.

    Username: Awrixel Suggestion: Something for donators. Detailed description: So, i would like to suggest this. Donators in year 2021 who spend more than 50or100e in pika-network store will recieve 10,15 or 20e giftcard in 1.january. Reason(s): Would be good to thank the donators, cause they...
  4. Awrixel_


    I would like to get respond to my appeal. Thanks.
  5. Awrixel_

    Denied Factions Reset normal faction.

    Minecraft username: buttsack Suggestion: Reset normal faction. Detailed description: Just saying that it deserve reset like every gamemode. Players are not playing there bcs there nothing new Reason(s):
  6. Awrixel_


    Just asking, do staff have any plans to reset this gamemode? I think it deserve reset like any other gamemode in server. Many players are waiting for it.
  7. Awrixel_

    Ftop2 payout

    Yo we won ftop 2 in factions so where should i contact someone for paypal? Thanks for respond. (Sorry if i write something wrong, my eng is bad)