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    I love you too <3
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    What's the point of KFC if they have no Chicken? SHUT IT DOWN

    What's the point of KFC if they have no Chicken? SHUT IT DOWN
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    Farewell to another great season! [/is top No.1 Winners // 230k+ Island value]

    As the season comes to an end, We are proud to announce that our island finished in first place with an island value of over 230,000!!! That is almost 6 times as much as the island that finished at 2nd! I'd like to give a huge shoutout to my friends and the co-leaders of our island-...
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    Go ahead.

    Go ahead.
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    Update Classic skyblock Reset

    I've been waiting for this for over a year. Time to Try-hard Skyblock again! On behalf of all Skyblock players, thanks and good work Mex and Max!
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    Accepted [Global] Changing some rules

    Hello Foxize Thank you for your suggestions. You may be happy to know that we will soon be publicly updating our Official Rules & Punishments. We will try to implement some of what you have suggested into the new Rules & Punishments. Good day, AlphaPizza, Manager, Pika-Network
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    Thanks mate! ^^

    Thanks mate! ^^
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    Event The Maze Runner

    Shhhh... they're not supposed to know...
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    Thanks! <3

    Thanks! <3
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    Event The Maze Runner

    Greetings Pikacrafters! The Pika-Network Staff Team is proud to present to you yet another exciting event with many exciting prizes! On the upcoming Saturday (28th July) at 6.00 PM GMT, we will be hosting The Maze Runner Event! Do you have what it takes to find your way out of the largest maze...
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    Hi dad! Long time no see.

    Hi dad! Long time no see.
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    hows you're day?

    Quality posts
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    My thoughts on the new Saturday Events

    Hey FAMESCARE! Firstly, I'm really glad to hear that you guys enjoyed the event. Yes, there were a few things that could have definitely been done better. I'll take the blame for that and I'll be more careful and organized in the upcoming events. However, at the end of the day, the players were...
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    About The Dam Console Ban

    In your "4 years" of playing at Pika-Network, did you not once bother to read the rules? Not reading the rules and then breaking them, is your fault. Not the staff members'. They are simply doing their duties.
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    Unfair Rules in BANNING

    Hello player. It is your responsibility to read the rules and punishments when you play on a server. "I did not know the rules" is not an excuse. Helpers do not ban whoever they want. They ban people who broke the rules. Which is what you did. Good day.
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    Event EVENT: Factions War Tournament!

    Factions Wars Tournament Tournament Summary : The tournament requires 16 participant factions. Up to 8 additional factions will be allowed to apply. Each faction is allowed to send 5 players - 4 participant players and 1 extra player who can participate if another player fails to show up...
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    Ethopiq abused innocent player

    Locking the thread, as the situation has been explained and cleared up by the helper.
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    Thread locked to avoid further drama and argument. If you feel you were unfairly banned, please make a ban appeal rather than making a public thread regarding your ban.
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    Denied Forums Suggestion: MAKE REPORTS PRIVATE

    Hello player. Thank you for your suggestion. After careful consideration and thought, the owners and administrators of Pika-Network have decided to accept your suggestion. It will soon be implemented. Have a great day!