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  1. Izha

    Event EVENT: Parkour!

    PARKOUR! Hosted by: Izha ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello Pikacrafters! The Staff Team will be hosting a parkour event on January 12th, 6:00 PM GMT. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EVENT...
  2. Izha

    Why there's no top voter last month?

    Hi guys i'm just gonna ask you something.... Why there's no top voter last month ( April ) even tho there's [Alert] message keep saying " Vote and you'll get 50$ voucher in the webshop etc.. "
  3. Izha

    The Top Monthly voter will count this month?

    Guys I have a Question, Is the top voter will count this month ? or it will not count ? so there's no top monthly voter for this month ? :/ since the server is gonna reset and the server vote will reset ? :/
  4. Izha

    I lost my 290 vote Keys

    Guys. What the hell is happening ? :/ I'm making an event in op fac 1, opening some vote crates 1 by 1 and giving away some vote keys. And suddenly ? The server got down and a few seconds or minutes the server got back up, after that ... BOOM! my Vote keys are gone :/ can anyone tell me what the...
  5. Izha

    There's No Top Voter This Month? ? :c

    Guys i'm just gonna ask some thing... There's no Top voter this month ? Cuz i ask a Staff and ask about the same question... He said There is No reward for this month top voter :c omg..