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  1. VictoryForever

    [Forum Game] Reactions

    Self explanatory: Basically, just ask a question and then the next person will answer it and ask their own question. I'll start: What is your favorite (mini-)game? #LetsGoOffOptic
  2. VictoryForever

    85 Notifications

    I got 85 notifications today #RandomThread lel
  3. VictoryForever

    What windows version are you using to play on Minecraft?

    Hey Pika players, I'm bored and I saw this question on an other forums (lel) so why not copy past this question into Pika xD I started playing minecraft on a (crappy) laptop with windows 7, now i'm playing minecraft on a pc and laptop both are windows 10. #LetsGoOffTopic
  4. VictoryForever

    Instant access to the Pika-Network website!

    Have you always wanted to access Pika-Network's website instantly,like an app? Dont worry, here's a method! Apple Devices: Step 1: Go to the Pika-Network website. Step 2: Click the thing next to the website reload icon. Step 3: Click on "add to home screen". Then click on the add icon. Step...
  5. VictoryForever

    Signature Banner

    Heyyy, In case you don't know me. I'm Justin/ADHDspot and I like to make renders. "HUH? JUSTIN WHAT ARE 'RENDERS'??!?!?!" Let me post me one ;) "HEY I CAN SEE A WATERMERK!" Yes. SNT is mine watermerk :) But enough about those renders D: Let get to my point of this thread. I wanna make...
  6. VictoryForever

    Vanilla 1.9

    Hey community, I'm playing on Minecraft Realm with @Mariska and I was thinking about Pika-Network and all the 1.9 stuff. And I was thinking to make an extra server on pika. So players can play just minecraft vanilla 1.9 on Pika. And to get more players. Because Minecraft 1.9 just got released...
  7. VictoryForever

    Introduction ADHDspot /Justin

    Heyyyy there, Im ADHDspot. You can call me ADHDspot or Justin :) I'm 18 years old and I'm a helper on this server. Why do I play on pika? Well I joined about a couple years ago (I really don't know when I started playing Pika) and I started playing Skyblock, before Boris made Skyblock Ice and...