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  1. Ethopiq

    Factions Ender pearl in combat

    Suggestion: Ender pearl in combat Detailed description: Right now on factions and op factions ender pearls are disabled in combat. Enabling them will make pvp in WILDERNESS much more fun. Of course cooldown of 12-16 secs should be implemented as well. They should stay disabled in warps and in...
  2. Ethopiq

    Feedback to last faction season and some suggestions for the future one!

    Last faction season was pretty decently made. It exceeded my expectations, but it still needs more improvements to make season more enjoyable. I've asked some of my faction members for their own opinion and feedback to the season and this is pros and cons I've collected from that. PROS: ●...
  3. Ethopiq

    Accepted OP Factions OP-Factions reset: Suggestions and more.

    Hello guys and pika staff team. I am Ethopiq aka Etho. A lot of you know me since I was playing op-factions since the beginning. On this thread, I'll give my suggestions and thoughts about an upcoming reset on op-factions. We all know that op-factions are dead, full of bugs and filled with...
  4. Ethopiq

    Hello there!

    Hello, my name is Danny also known as Ethopiq. I came here to introduce myself and to make some new friends, right. On this server, I want to have fun, to make some new friends and to bring positive spirit in this community. Some facts about me: I am a 15-year-old boy from Croatia. I am a big...
  5. Ethopiq

    Denied Factions Suggestion: Rank crates and rank keys

    Suggestion: Rank crates and rank keys Detailed description: Rank key that can open rank crate. I imagined that only way you could get this key ingame is by getting from koth loot but the chance that would you get be like 1%. Other way you can get this key would be by buying from pika...
  6. Ethopiq

    Account Hacked

    Hai guys, so like the titles is saying my donator account got hacked. The hacker got password because i joined his server (i know dont roast me i deserver im stupid) but if u can help me get it back. I dont want to waste 20€ that account is premium luckily hacker doesnt know password of premium...