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    Denied OP Factions Suggestion: Op Faction Update

    Suggestion: Op Faction Update Detailed description: I hope we get a new update because Op Faction 1 is boring We have a lot of things that will make the Op Faction better than this Server/Place suggestion is intended: OP-Factions Reason: Op Faction is boring now The...
  2. $Laith_129$

    Denied OP Factions Suggestion: Update

    Suggestion: Update Detailed description: Update For Op Faction 1 And improve them to increase the number of players Server/Place suggestion is intended: OP-Factions Reason: Because this will be a nice update and will make a lot of people come back to play again And many...
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    Minecraft Skills

    Do not forget Like and subscribe
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    I have decided to host a giveaway I will end it When i get 50 Sub in youtube. and If you don't meet the requirements then you will not have any chance to win! Stuffs: 500M 20 Dubs Of Armor (Armor p15) =================== Please write these requirements in this thread by following it ~Write your...
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    new player

    i dont know ho to play prision its Bad i can get items in fast and we need play pvping but its Bad pvp area pls updatae it
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    need more stuff

    we need stuff in skywars because i do not love play with hacks and thank
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    Nice game

    i love play build wars its beast game in this server thank for build team
  8. $Laith_129$

    new player

    i love a faction game but we need more items pls make update to faction and thank
  9. $Laith_129$

    new player

    i love this game im playing it all time but we need items nad rank if you can make we need drop by owner and thx
  10. $Laith_129$

    jeKu Fac

    Who want new members in my new fac Rules to join 1.Titan Rank 2. 2K mcmmo i will give a beast member in the faction 300M and 5 dup Ask for join Laith_129