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    not sure where to post this

    does anyone one know whats going on with the classic factions? its been down for a week now and i havent played coz classic factions is all i play
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    Factions classic faction reset

    Suggestion: classic faction reset Detailed description: please reset classic factions Reason(s): my reason is that there are many bugs and most of the /f top have been raided but they dont go down on /f top and i recon if you reset the server would come alive again and not be so dead
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    why is no one answering me about your normal faction problem????

    hey not sure where to send this but since 12 hours ago i haven't been able to enter the faction server, when i click on it, it just keeps me in the hub and after a while it says exception connecting:readtimeout:exception : null please try fix this :(
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    server always not letting me play

    hey i seem to get this problem everyday. im happily playing on the normal faction server then i get a really annoying lag then i re log but when i do it dont let me back in. when i click on the faction server it just keeps me in hub and says im already trying to connect. i REALLY love this...