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  1. J

    Hi there!

    hi there! i would like to know progress and new things to see if its better than when Dutch was the Owner... Send screenshots pls...
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    seems like creative is still bad even if with the new ownership
  3. J

    Back after 1 year!

    it seems that so many things have changed since i left... do people still remember me? it seems that my thread about bringing back old creative has the most views and replies in the creative forums... pls reply if u remember me!
  4. J


    Somebody is Comming Back Guess Who?
  5. J


    Pizza we are now Making a Campaign... We Want the Old Creative Back again!!! Pls Bring it Back... we Consist of many Players... Old Creative Players... BTW not NYC... Before NYC the Classic Creative... the 1.8 one. #BringBackOldCreative
  6. J

    Discord friends

    I posted this in the creative cuz this is where my friends are. And i need Discord Friends. Specially some Staffs. Just reply ur name. Or add me in Discord and my name there is Sledder.
  7. J


    Help i lost my Car And Train Where Can i Find them???
  8. J

    Im BACK!!!!