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  1. MyMorningWood


    Hello, i am Sjaakie and i like Cookies
  2. MyMorningWood

    Denied Global Suggestion: Token shop

    Suggestion: Token shop Detailed description: Like, the Token Shop in OP-Factions 1 is removed i dind't liked that at all... It was the only reason i really voted because the Tokens are really worthy. You could buy nice things with it and use it good. Now its removed and i don't vote...
  3. MyMorningWood

    Denied Discord Suggestion: Make a Media channel

    Suggestion: Make a Media channel Detailed description: Its as sample as the #Public 2 that got removed. So the Members can send eachother Screenshots, GIFs or maybe other stuff. Server/Place suggestion is intended: Discord Reason: Well, it was really dissapointing when #Public...