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  1. Mrfatsojr

    KitPvP Fire resistance

    Suggestion: Fire resistance Detailed description: Add fire resistance to either kits/shop or both. Reason(s): Donors get fire aspect swords whilst normal players have no way to counter the fire tick especially new players. Example(s): /
  2. Mrfatsojr

    Accepted Classic SkyBlock Add a pearl cooldown.

    Suggestion: Add a pearl cooldown. Detailed description: People are able to spam pearls to get out of combat, i would suggest adding a 12 second cooldown to pearling. Reason(s): Ruins pvp on skyblock since everyone is able to get away.
  3. Mrfatsojr

    Denied Global More frequent resets.

    Suggestion: More frequent resets. Detailed description: A description would be to have at least 1 reset/month, this would mean it would take 13 months for a server to have a revamp. Ofcourse this is a long time especially if you only play 1 gamemode but this doesn’t compare to the 36 months...
  4. Mrfatsojr

    Setting homes in claimed territory.

    Lately staff have been starting to ban players for using the /esethome command. This is a warning to all players of any factions server to not use the command anymore since it will get you banned. The reason why they ban for it is that they consider it to be a bug for anyone wondering why it...
  5. Mrfatsojr

    My resignation thread (daantje8), Im not dano.

    I never intented to make this, but due to alot of rumours, here i am. So to start of , dano getting my forums acc banned doesn't mean that i am dano. I can easily proof this with skype chats and mostly that my ip didn't change in 4 years and dano's switched all the time due to the blacklist of...