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    best subspecial pro dance moves

    View: latah b
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    bcz regedit

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    2 cheaters | 1 man - bad highlights of KitPVP

    View: sub/like please? :3
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    sucky 1 clip edit

    sub pls
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    bypassed badlions client with simple autoclicker

    sweet, right?
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    free upgrades to 'Legend'

    as title says, I'm doing/providing free upgrades to whoever who want to get the holy god spirit Legend rank. DM or leave comment here, if you're interested, just ask me. IGN: pmq13
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    As we all know, Pika got anti-cheat again, it's doing amazing job (probably) removing cheaters and probably has reduced the falseban count. But as I looked at the Pika-Networks ban page, I saw this: So, here's the question: Why some players get permanent ban as rules show and why some...
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    Denied Global Suggestion: New gamemode

    Suggestion: New gamemode Detailed description: Pika could have new gamemode instead of the unactive gamemode called "Lab". I believe, that playerbase will grow enough to keep that server alive. Server/Place suggestion is intended: Other Reason: Reason for this suggestion is to...
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    Denied OP Factions Suggestion: /warp pvp lag free

    Suggestion: /warp pvp lag free Detailed description: Everywhere else my fps is 80-100+, but as I go to /warp pvp I get 30fps only, it hurts to pvp with those framerates. Server/Place suggestion is intended: OP-Factions Reason: Hurts to pvp with low fps since I'm used to pvp...
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    good recorder

    ok guys, here's the deal, whenever I want to record my pvp session and I record with Fraps, then boom, wow, shakalaka, I'm running 30fps. OBS drops fps down to 4 and Bandicam drops it aswell. Without recording, I'm running 90-120fps. Hope I can get any good answer. Sincerely yours, Defzu
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    Denied OP Factions Suggestion: make opfac1 great again

    Suggestion: make opfac1 great again Detailed description: new style on opfac 1 isn't great, lets bring the ol' good opfac1 Server/Place suggestion is intended: OP-Factions Reason: before the change, there was alot of players daily, but now? now there is max 20 players/day...
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    buycraft weekend sale

    Server every server Suggestion there is weekend after friday and why not to make like -70% to -90% sale? guys, who are like broke or don't have like 100€ to buy custom or something like that, could buy easily. Reason as i said before, players who are broke or no money at the time, could do...
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    Your first ride (Car/bike/motorcycle/etc)

    So guys, what was your first ride? My first ride is Volkswagen Golf 3, what I'm gonna make 'rally' style :) It has broken front window and broken headlight glass, gonna replace them :)