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  1. June22

    Creative Reset Poll

    Do you think that Pika network's developers should reset Creative? It is currently extremely laggy and also crashing every hour or so. The economy is also broken, a person, that shall not be named, currently has 50 trillion credits/dollars that can be seen on spawn. There are also constant end...
  2. June22

    Creative not restarting yet

    This message was from JustThiemo, a developer of Pika Network, confirming that they do not plan on resetting creative.
  3. June22

    Question about Creative Reset

    When will Creative Reset be out? Will it have new features? Will my rank still exist?
  4. June22

    Hi there!

    hi there! i would like to know progress and new things to see if its better than when Dutch was the Owner... Send screenshots pls...
  5. June22


    seems like creative is still bad even if with the new ownership
  6. June22

    Back after 1 year!

    it seems that so many things have changed since i left... do people still remember me? it seems that my thread about bringing back old creative has the most views and replies in the creative forums... pls reply if u remember me!
  7. June22


    Somebody is Comming Back Guess Who?
  8. June22


    Pizza we are now Making a Campaign... We Want the Old Creative Back again!!! Pls Bring it Back... we Consist of many Players... Old Creative Players... BTW not NYC... Before NYC the Classic Creative... the 1.8 one. #BringBackOldCreative
  9. June22

    Discord friends

    I posted this in the creative cuz this is where my friends are. And i need Discord Friends. Specially some Staffs. Just reply ur name. Or add me in Discord and my name there is Sledder.
  10. June22


    Help i lost my Car And Train Where Can i Find them???
  11. June22

    Im BACK!!!!