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  1. Incose420

    Minigames Global Chat related

    1+ It surely would make the life easier.
  2. Incose420

    Global Forum alerts ingame

    R e a l n i c e!
  3. Incose420

    2 uploads in a week?! who is this guy??

    Really n i c e !
  4. Incose420

    Me and Shawty XnandX Vibin

    Good video , well done !
  5. Incose420

    Lack of "NEW FEELING"

    Thats so true tho .. .
  6. Incose420

    Make a chain.

  7. Incose420

    Burning Syndrome.

    H e l l o , Mr.Pigman!
  8. Incose420

    Global PikaNetwork Official Wiki Project

    +1 This is going to be great!
  9. Incose420

    Event EVENT: Party Games!

    P o g e r s!
  10. Incose420

    Accepted BedWars - Triples & Quadruples Avenue

    1+ Looking good! Let's hope this one get"s added.
  11. Incose420

    Update OpSkyBlock - Reset | June The 10th 2022

    Real P o g g e r s. 6 words.
  12. Incose420

    Minigames Leaderboard Rewards

    +1 , thats a good idea.
  13. Incose420

    BedWars New item - Enchanted Milk

    +1 from me, very useful item.
  14. Incose420

    Denied BedWars pls give invisibility potion in shop

    Invisibility potions are too op , i believe that bedwars would become unbalanced. -1 from me.
  15. Incose420

    toxic ppl

    You should go to: https://pika-network.net/forums/player-reports.150/ Good luck!
  16. Incose420

    A little survey of mine

    Finished the survey ! Good luck!
  17. Incose420

    BedWars Infested Stone Blocks

    I believe its too op , if this would be added price should be 4 emeralds per 4 blocks. Im neutral on this.
  18. Incose420

    Denied Minigames Party searcher

    -1 from me . I think its unnecessary and pretty much useless.