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  1. ryqr

    Update OpFactions - Reset | November the 5th 2021

    Very nice . This season is gonna be good
  2. ryqr

    Accepted OP Factions Faction chat

    +1 some people can't handle their toxicity or anger so swearing must be allowed in faftion chat
  3. ryqr

    Denied Global Asian Proxy

    Minecraft Username: ryqr Suggestion: Asian Proxy Detailed description: As some of you know, there are many Asians playing the server and they are having a bad experience with their ping, so I suggest pika network making an Asian proxy so they can get less ping and enjoy the game. Reason(s)...
  4. ryqr


  5. ryqr

    Bring santa back

    qepe veren loqe 😂😂
  6. ryqr

    Denied Global Allow Swearing to an Extent

    +1 first time seeing moxxy giving effort
  7. ryqr

    hello my name is zmoxxy

    +1 🙂
  8. ryqr

    Denied OP Factions Crate Keys & G-Kit

    Very good idea 👍
  9. ryqr

    Accepted OP Factions Raiding with Shield

    Boy you're FKIN trash
  10. ryqr

    Rank Voucher Bug.

    Hello, I just wanted to say that i got a hero rank voucher and i cant redeem it. Can someone help me?