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  1. zimin06

    Denied Lobby Gifting goldcoins/voting keys

    Username: zimin06 Suggestion: Gifting goldcoins/voting keys Detailed description: Hey, As most Pika players now have heard about the recently added ''gold shop'', I would like to make a suggestion about the gold shop. My suggestion is that there should be another icon added to the gold...
  2. zimin06

    Hi, Im ZiMin

    Hello, Im ZiMin im 15, and i mostly play survival and bedwars. have a nice day :)
  3. zimin06

    Blocks lag

    hi, Most of the time when I go play bedwars, I cant bridge or place blocks. If I try to place the blocks (spam click) ill get kicked for client modification. Is there a way for that to stop? Its really annoying, and ruining the game :(
  4. zimin06

    /expbottle gone

    Why is /expbottle removed? I would like to store my exp again. will it come back soon?
  5. zimin06

    where did /ah go

    where did action house go , is it coming back? and is there a way to get my stuff back