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    Banned Darcy_Girl_44

    Make a player report here: LOCKED
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    20$ Webshop Giveaway !!!

    fawfgaw Disc fawfgaw#2865 Gl me
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    Forums Add a new game!

    If you want battle royale go play fortnite.
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    2 questions

    We don't know about the reset, and yes ranks from crates are permanent.
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    1 hour.
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    Prison suggestions

    Make a suggestion here:
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    why bannnnnn???????????????

    Make an appeal here:
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    I have a question regarding the top voters of the month...

    You can only use them on pikanetwork.
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    [DEMAND] Can you do a quick buy system in BedWars ? Like in Hypixel Make a suggestion here.
  12. fawfgaw

    nope :>

    nope :>
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    Urban map

    Try lowering your minecraft settings.
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    Event EVENT: SPLEEF!

    Can't wait !
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    I got banned for no reason. Make an appeal here.
  16. fawfgaw

    OP Factions /warp grind

    Do /warp mobfarm or vote and get some spawners.