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  1. DarkVenom7

    My 2021 Journey.

    From non to Vip (Can't find pic) From Vip to Elite! From Elite to Titan! Non to Silver (Practice) Silver to Gold! (Practice) GOT TRIAL RANK! WOOHOO! Time for epic moments: Eanoob and the horse gang Lt_Hammerman being moderator :O (Rare pic ultra pro max) I think I don't...
  2. DarkVenom7

    Denied Forums Forums profile improvement!

    Minecraft Username: DarkVenom7 Suggestion: Forums profile improvement! Detailed description: Hi, I am pretty sure you are bored looking at your lonely profile. Welp, I have a solution for It! Mostly Pika-Network's played game modes are minigames even the hub is connected to It. This...