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Recent content by Hornzz

  1. Hornzz

    OP Factions Patching with illegal blocks

    Username: TheDavidEst Suggestion: Patching with illegal blocks Detailed description: Currently there is no rule about which blocks are not allowed to patch with in pika network, so it is allowed to patch with cobblestone fences, wooden fences, ichests and more. Reason(s): When you...
  2. Hornzz

    Denied OP Factions Rights to see evidence

    i agree! 6 words 6 words
  3. Hornzz

    Denied OP Factions Remove "bad words filter in /f chat(faction chat)

    i love this! should be added i love to call my faction mates all kinds of stuff! especially in vc i tell them to car keys and go keys its fun! should be added!
  4. Hornzz

    Denied OP Factions Making Chimney Barrel Cannons illegal.

    malding because they cannot get deeper than 6c :yawn:
  5. Hornzz

    Denied OP Factions Add Warnings To Simple Strikes

    scared of being dqed! 1 2
  6. Hornzz

    Update OpFactions - Reset | July The 8th 2022

    appreaciate the new payout for me
  7. Hornzz

    OP Factions Reduce the limit of buffer counters per side to 1

    -1 1 buffer counter isnt enough 4 per side would be better
  8. Hornzz

    Denied OP Factions mcmmo

    no 6 words 6 words 6 words
  9. Hornzz

    OP Factions Improving Gen Blocks/Buckets

    no stay mad noob z z z
  10. Hornzz

    OPFactions, selling perm lord rank voucher for 1.2k pika gold

    Hello, i am selling perm lord rank voucher for 1.2k pika gold msg me on discord Hornzz#4669
  11. Hornzz

    Bug f top

    They won f top 2 payout with glitched value aka spawners that did not exist but they still had over 600b in value.
  12. Hornzz

    To remove the lag

    mans is playing on 1.16 and he pvps thats actually funny
  13. Hornzz

    Accepted OP Factions Removal of Multiple Side Claims Rule

    -1 Kangaroo do be malding cuz they halfway at dq! just get better and follow the rules pvp monkeys
  14. Hornzz

    What is Best Gamemode? other than minigames

    i didnt say that you scammer 6 words 6 words i love typing 6 words
  15. Hornzz

    What is Best Gamemode? other than minigames

    i agree 6 words 6 words