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  • Why is that DoXyYHD's Rank on Forum is New Member? Is it really like that? or is it a bug for admin's rank? Is it because you removed it yourself?
    Sad to see you ending like this. Remember you as a great staff member
    weren't you staff?? Why aren't you verified :P
    svaka casttt, uspeo si , sjecam se dok smo bili team na kit pvp , sjeti me se ako mozes :D
    Joey ;)
    eee ocu da prebacim god rank sa kit pvp=a na op facts1 na donator rank
    you can help me I want your help day I can jump keys because this way of informing paysafe . not working
    Help me Boy please
    DoXyYHD έχω 1
    πρόβλημα Δεν μπορώ να αγοράσω πλήκτρα premuims με paysafe

    Μπορείτε να με βοηθήσετε;
    Hey Admin i have on problem.
    I can't buy premium keys with paysafe can you help me? i have 20$ here please i wanr donate
    I dont get the Dontor+ i can join in Opfaction1 now but please cheak if i bought the DONTOR+ thx
    please cheak my Support ticket
    Congrats DoXyYHD (on your promotion to Staff Manager and Admin) :P , You've been a great one. Keep up! Late congratulation. :P
    Hi i need help today i bought Dontor+ and i think i kicked by opfaction 1 from the operator and i dont know what to do and im not find me in the BANS my name is YG100 please help me :(
    hey i was playing on your server when all the sudden i got banned for speed hacking the thing is that i was using golden apple and potions and your stupid consol banned me for that can you please unban me and fix the consol please Name:Ruulix
    can u checkout my support ticket plz its about week
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