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    Everything wrong about bedwars

    hello RealUnovaDX You never try to apply for staff ? (Try) hava a nice day
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    BedWars Please make solo BedWars

    Hi RealUnovaDX If you want to put a suggestion like fix op faction put it here Have a nice day !!!
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    Make villagers breedable

    Hi Luppeeyz I prefer to give my own solutions to the problems of the other to blame them in my own way. (btw am not farming I hate it) Have a nice day.
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    Make villagers breedable

    Hi trolargg If the staff team turn on the villager breeding you will get as many villagers as you want (infinity villagers) so the game will be so easy. But if you want it on make a suggestion here ( Have a nice day
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    Too many hackers

    To Become a staff memeber you have to check if you have the required things here Have a nice day
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    BedWars Please make solo BedWars

    +1 Agreed, I have to agree with TrueMute I hate the double bedwars. And at any match am finding 2 cross teamers and at list 1 hacker !!! (I hate the hackers) Have a nice day.
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    Denied Prison Reset PRISON & OP_PRISON!!!

    Hi WitherKiller132 Look am reach at Op prison and I want to play again with a lot of players but i don't think the owners want to reset the prison. I think they will get an update. Have a nice day !!!
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    [BUG] I just wanted armor...

    You stealing my greeting Have a nice day !!!
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    Denied Global Media Ranks

    Nice suggection Have a nice day !!!
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    Hi MrFrenco have a nice day !!!

    Hi MrFrenco have a nice day !!!
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    Event EVENT: Parkour!

    I will come. Nice event. Have a nice day
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    Am back/Youtube channel poll!!!

    guys select a type of video you want to see
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    Happy new year for everyone

    Hi guys I hope at everyone happy new year if you are a member or a staff member or anything else. I hope at the kids good progress at ther school,I hope at as the university students good progress and more games,I hope at the staff team to continue the hard work,I hope at the hackers <<pls stop...
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    TheLoneKing is Back?

    Hi 79lb i know him in real life it's troll. have a nice day
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    TheLoneKing is Back?

    None know you but wellcome back and happy new year bro it's good to see old players again. have a nice day