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  • In 1972, Dale awakens in the Paradox Room, with no memory of how he got there but with the feeling that he had been there before. He is determined to find the Woman, and believes that Case 23 is the key to escaping his mind. After looking into the mirror he sees his Corrupted Soul and loses consciousness, having to rearrange his memories to wake up. Solving the room's puzzles, he takes a drink from the red vial and spits out the key to escape the room. Now in the Forest, he navigates through the trees with a map from Mr. Crow and comes to the edge of Rusty Lake, to watch Laura be killed by the Corrupted Soul and leave behind a black cube. He looks into it and sees himself inside, lying in the room as before.
    Idk bro profile posts kinda weird but yk. I must show that i use forums and can't bother to state it. Anyhow, if ur reading this, consider yourself bald, unless you're Anu, Anu is not bald yk. Anu is an egirl!!!!
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