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  • Drink appelsap with me 0__0
    RIP Boomclaw have resigned :'( that is why i can't see his face in pika :'( I wish you come back and play with us instead of being staff Boom :D <3
    Everywhere I go I remember your words: People are stupid."
    Very inspirational.
    I'm gone for 10 or so days and you disappear. Bye then... <3
    While we had a few arguements, and a bit of disrespect, you're still kaylee's son and my friend (,: i'll miss ranting to you about server issues, good luck in future managing boobclaw <3
    P.s reply on skype pl0x
    GG Man o Well never got to talk to you tho.Bye you will be missed :)
    you will be missed boom also you still suck at pvp man get gud :")
    you will be missed boom
    We'll all miss you Boom! You're one of the finest server managers I've ever seen and Pika would not have survived without you. Thanks for all the dedication and hard work you've put in Pika!
    You resigned and join other server....
    Even though we had fights, a lot of fights, I always thought you were a nice and intelligent guy that wanted good for Pika. I looked past that and just bashed you for how you got manager and your "abuse". Now I've noticed that it's been a wrong choice. I always wanted to tell you this, but never did. I really hope you'll have a great future man. -The person you ipbanned like 30x on the forums.
    Take care Boomclaw! Thanks for everything.
    We will miss you Boomclaw!
    You did a great job!
    Op skyblock was and still is a big succes.
    Take care and I hope ill see you soon!
    Hey Boomclaw,

    I am sure i am not the only one who will miss u as a Manager from pika-network.
    U did some great work for not only the staff team but for pika aswell.
    Take care Boom!

    I have resigned.
    Sad to see you go :(
    Please do not contact me about any staff queries, I am not involved in moderation. Any other issues, use a support ticket.
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